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A few Date outfit ideas to follow

by Rajnish Rathi on July 19, 2021


How often do you girls get confused about what to wear? Well, Im sure that every second day you face this dilemma of what to wear and what not to wear. We, might not be able to assist you all the time, but we sure have a few date outfit ideas that you can wear while going on your first date, dinner date, movie date, or even your lunch date. 

First date outfit: Minimal yet impressive 

Well, speaking of first dates we know that girls are quite nervous when it comes to dressing up for their first dates. There is always a tiff between not going out of line and still looking on point. We know that you girls are always looking for a perfect outfit for your first date just to make that impress, well so as per what we suggest you can probably keep your outfit neutral. Try and wear a simple skirt and a flowy top with some pretty prints with neutral hues. You dont wanna go all black or all white with your outfit, because cmon thats just too much. 

Dinner date: Time to dress” up!

Oohlala!! Its time for a romantic candlelight dinner date with bae, right? Well, so what are you planning to wear? Well, dont stress out as weve got your backs! Date nights are all about sophisticated poised evenings so you better be dressed accordingly. Speaking of date outfits well, then you ladies can definitely go for a #LBD which is of course a little black dress or even a mid-length chic dress with a neutral and calm tone. This way youll be in style and look chic. 

Lunch date: Coordinate with Co-ords 

Okay, now speaking of lunch dates remember ladies that during daylight you can wear all your bright and summery outfits. Speaking of some lunch date outfit ideas well, then the first one to top it had to be co-ord sets! Co-ord sets are like typical #SummerGoals outfits because theyll give you all the sunny vibe you need and of course youll not have to waste much time thinking about what two articles to pair up together. So, just get ready to coordinate your lunch date in those classy co-ord sets. 

Movie date: Nothing too fancy! 

Well, movies are all about getting all cozy and cuddly with your bae be it in the hall or even at your place. Since its a homely and cuddly affair we would suggest nothing too fancy and more of casual attire. Because cmon its all about being comfy and cozy, so you can either pair up a basic tee with jeans, or even better your loungewear might also work. 

P.S.- Dont stress out ladies and make sure that its ultimately all about your own comfort!