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A Few prints that are taking the reigns

by Rajnish Rathi on August 09, 2021


Talking of fashion, what all pops into your head? Well, as for now we have prints on our minds and were here to discuss a few with your guys too. All fashion lovers should know about the latest patterns that are reigning over the fashion industry. Have a look at these four prints/patterns listed below and make your choice. 

Go for Gingham 

Well, fashion is all about its chain course and adapting new styles every now and then. But there are certain patterns that tend to come back like a full circle. While discussing a few patterns followed this summer then the first one is the gorgeous gingham print. Gingham is all assisting you to ace the aesthetic, as it gives us a major aesthetic vibe. Especially the tiny checkered print in those pastel hues is what grabs the attention. From cropped shirts, gingham trousers, or any other wardrobe element, gingham is everywhere. 

Hunt for Houndstooth 

here we have yet another blockbuster summer print that you will totally relate to Houndstooth print. Well, calling this a cute print would kind of be an understatement because this print is everything sexy and sassy that youve been looking for. Especially to ace your professional outfits this print is all about giving you an impact subtle work kind of look. Houndstooth shirts, blazers, pants, skirts, and a lot more wearables in the same print help us conclude the fact that how chic does this print look. 

Florals first 

Of course, how can we not mention the 80s floral prints fining their way back while talking about the latest spring prints to follow. Especially those floral and leaf printed midi dresses adorned by several fashion lovers, Bollywood divas, and even fashion bloggers are what marks the fame of florals prints. And not just this, even the men have access to their beach printed shirts. So, yes florals are all around and this is definitely one of the most trending patterns to take notice of.

Graphic series

This one is nothing in specific, but still, the graphic prints are just too in this season, from weird prints to goofy illustrations everything comes under the scope of graphic clothing. Graphic prints are more like a quirky route to fashion which is followed by several teenagers, international stars and is also seen as major street style fashion.