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A few shirts your wardrobe must own: men's edition

by Rajnish Rathi on August 03, 2021


All the people who think that men have fewer options need to have these shirts as soon as possible. These shirts will make you look good and can be used on many different occasions. Here are some must-haves. 

Pretty prints


Printed shirts are arguably the most bought shirts right now as everyone wants them. They are the ideal shirts for a casual hangout with your friends or can be super fun for a sunny day. These shirts make you stand out from the crowd as all printed shirts are unique in their design. If youre the one who likes the traditional style you can always start with a less printed shirt and see how it goes. 

Dapper denim 

It has been said many times that denim will never go out of style and it will always be true. Each guy has to have a denim shirt in their closet as denim shirts always look sharp no matter what occasion. There is variety in these shirts as there are light as well as dark denim shirts. You can pick whatever you like but you have to have at least one. 

Cool checks  

Check shirts are probably the most common kind of shirts as each store has this type of shirt. There are a million color combinations in check shirts and you can buy whichever attracts you the most. It is extremely easy to find and is perfect for a casual look. 

Classic basics 

A basic shirt is necessary for many reasons as it gives you the most formal and professional look out of all these shirts. These shirts have to be in your closet and along with the formal look basic shirts can also give you the ultimate classy look. Get all the basic colors that you need in these shirts.