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A few ways men and women can style their blazer

by Rajnish Rathi on August 17, 2021


Gone are the days when there was only one way to use your blazer as fashion has taught us that you can rock your blazer in so many ways. Each look may not be your cup of tea but it’s always great to have options, here are some ways you can style your blazer. 

The original look 

Let’s start off with the most obvious way to rock a blazer which is obviously a part of a suit. This is a look that will never be old or never die because nothing suits a man like a suit. This look just looks complete and you can choose any kind of color or design that you want. 

The funky look 

Now, this is a look for the cocktail look or a look that will make you the talk of the party. You can wear what’s on your mind in this look as you can use your blazer with denim jeans, snappy sneakers, and a t-shirt of your choice. The blazer will make sure that you’re not underdressed for the occasion, plus it will be extremely funky in the process. 

The dress suit 

Why should boys have all the fun right? The look is for the girls that wanna try something classy and different. Just imagine wearing a black dress and styling a black blazer with it, now that just looks like something that you have to try at a high-end function. We promise you will be the best-dressed girl at the party or function. 

Traditional twist 

This look won’t be everyone’s cup of tea as it is mixing two worlds but that is the appeal of this look. It mixes western wear with Indian wear which is a great mix when you do it right. Wearing a blazer with a kurta may sound a little off but trust us it will do the trick.