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A few ways to style your waistcoats

by Rajnish Rathi on July 20, 2021


One thing that doesnt get enough love for mens wear is definitely waistcoats. It is something that completes the look and is essential for formal wear. However, thats not the only way to wear waistcoats, here are the ways in which you can style them. 

The traditional way 

The first and the most famous way of styling your waistcoat is under your suit. It is essential for completing your look and is something that completes the suit. It can give a completely different vibe to your blazer and will give you that look which people will definitely talk about. Plus this look just works. 

Indo western 

Another great way to style your waistcoat is putting it on Indian wear such as kurtas. If you have a plain kurta and you wanna make it seem extra special just throw in a matching waistcoat on top of it to completely change your look. Waistcoats have the unique ability to look good in both western and Indian wear. 

Without the blazer 

If you dont want to have the full three-piece suit look dont worry about it, just dont put the blazer on and it will still do the trick. You will definitely still look fit for any sort of function when you have trousers and a waist coat on. In this case, the trousers and waistcoat are the same so it makes for a perfect pair. 

Smart casual look 

Now, this style is great for small functions or a funky event as you can just put on your cotton waistcoat on a shirt of your choosing with narrow pants. You can also trade-in, formal shoes for sneakers. It will give you the perfect look which is totally presentable and smart.