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Aesthetic nail art ideas curated just for you

by Rajnish Rathi on August 14, 2021

So, ladies, what are your plans for your next nail art session? Still, confused? Well, how about you choose the aesthetics and make sure to flaunt your solid pastels. As for some aesthetic nail art designs, we think that we have a few design ideas that might help you achieve your aesthetic goal. 

Choose solid pastels

Well, if you’re looking for aesthetic nail art designs then let us tell you that the first rule is to keep your nail art minimal. If you’re not that interested in getting things drawn then you just simply choose a solid color like of nude, lilac, or even blue and sage for warmer months ahead. This way you’ll hit all the aesthetic goals you’ve ever wanted to. 

Choose butterflies

If you are in a mood to get some actual art on your pretty nails just to give them an aesthetic touch then you get vintage butterflies printed on your nails. This way it’ll look all pretty and you'll probably not even get bored of it soon. Go get your hands on a pretty aesthetic butterfly nail art. 

Cloudy affair 

Achieving an aesthetic look sure isn’t a cakewalk, but you can always try out some goofy styles to reach that. Like we mentioned about how we can get a butterfly nail art done, likewise, one can also get a pink sky painted on their nails. Just imagine how cute those clouds would look with that pastel pink hue. 

Aesthetic patterns 

When we say patterns, we do not mean mainstream and cliched patterns, instead, you should follow the solid color stripes, a wavy pattern, or anything else that might fulfill your aesthetic goal. This way if you get rainbow-like nail art, you will not have to worry about what to wear and what not to wear. Because those colors are probably going to go with all your outfits.