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B-Town divas and their slogan tees

by Rajnish Rathi on July 30, 2021


Red carpet looks and extravagant fashion everything sure seems all glamorous and beautiful, but about the spunky element in fashion? Well, as we know are B-town divas never disappoint us when it comes to fashion, so here we have a few slogan t-shirts worn by our B-Town starlets and marking statements in the same. 

Alia Bhatt

Well, in the case of style statements, Ali Bhatt is probably one of the most common names that ops in our heads, right? And especially while we speak of some sassy statement-worthy slogan t-shirts adorned by our B-Town divas then how can we not mention Alia Bhatts basic tee with the quote Perfect is boring” on it. The t-shirt in itself is a piece of a style statement as it gives you a message to break all the taboos of perfection and just be yourself, no matter what. 

Anushka Sharma 

The empowered woman herself is one of the most powerful female celebrities Bollywood has, and speaking of her basic look, the actress adorned a classy white T-shirt with the mantra We should all be feminists” and this is like a preaching thought that actually everyone should follow. So, Anushka is not just an influential actress, but she is also an influential fashionista, and you should definitely take some inspiration from her looks. 

Sonakshi Sinha 

This ones a dapper one because this shows how Sonakshi Sinha or shall we say the #Aslisona of Bollywood wore a sexy slogan tee that said My body empowers me” just to give a dapper response to the body shakers and all troll masters out there. This t-shirt is not just a great message, but a powerful approach to be comfortable in your own body and slay the look no matter what people say. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan 

Of course, how can we not mention #Pooh while speaking of basic t-shirts? Well, speaking of our royal begum, Kareena was spotted wearing a quirky t-shirt that said: "Raised on Champagne”. And this t-shirt is probably the coolest look anyone can adorn, are we right or are we right? So, were you raised on champagne? if yes then just go grab your T-shirt too and you might as well do some twinning with Bebo.