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Bowled over lavender: style tips

by Rajnish Rathi on August 13, 2021

Pastel hues are the new bright shades, they have started ruling the fashion industry in almost all the spheres. And why not, because c’mon just admit it, pastels look super duper cute and warm once worn the right way. Speaking of the right way, do you belong to the lavender gang? If yes, then let us give you a few tips on how and when you should wear your lavender outfits

Combination matters 

While we discuss things to keep in mind in terms of pastel hues, especially the one which is apparently all over the place- Lavender, then the first tip would be to take care of the combination. This might not be as important and essential when you wear a bright outfit like that black, red or even white for that matter. But Lavender is like one of the most loved pastel hues, so you will have to make sure that you pair it with the right shade of denim or pants. 

Aesthetic accessories 

Well, pastel hues itself are just too aesthetic, and once you choose lavender as your focal outfit choice then make sure to accessorise in an aesthetic manner. Try and pick out some gold jewellery with your lavender tops because this way your look might seem complete and sassy as you girls have always wanted.

More like an afternoon hue

We know that you girls can wear anything anytime according to your preferences, but while we talk about pastel hues and lavender in specific then we would suggest you to wear your lavender outfits while the sun’s out. This is not because it wouldn’t look good at night, instead it would make a better impact in your lunch get togethers. We’re sure that you want your lavender shades to pop out bright and beautiful and will only be possible once you wear it while the sun’s shining bright. 

Be careful with the layering

Make sure that you do not go extra with your layering game, as that might ruin the entire look. Lavender goes best with either a darker shade of its own, or something that isn’t too loud to steal its charm. You can also think of wearing a black jacket over it, because black might look a little subtle than any other bright shade.