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Bring your own Brooches: Ladies edition

by Rajnish Rathi on August 20, 2021


Who says that brooches are old news? Definitely not! Because fashion is never old news, and while we speak of ways to style your brooches then here we have a list of ways that might help all you ladies in styling your brooches the classy way. 

The traditional way: Jackets and coats

Well, while we discuss a few ways one can try and style their brooches then the first one had to be the traditional way, which is over your blazer or your jackets. The royal and professional-looking outfits like that of blazers will be the perfect choice to adorn your brooches. You can try and choose a classy-looking brooch and place it either on the right side or the left according to what suits you. 

Button it up: Use them as buttons 

This is probably the most innovative and cool way to style your brooches. You can always wear a balloon-sleeved blouse with a deep neckline and use a classy and eye-catching brooch to use it as the first button for your pretty printed blouse. So, you ladies have a new element to add to your lovely wardrobe and make your outfits look even sassier. 

The focal point: Right in the middle 

We know that you ladies have some basic, solid-colored dresses for your lovely parties, but there are times when these basic dresses look a little bland. But not anymore, we have a perfect solution for you to hype up your body con dresses by placing a shiny and sassy-looking brooch right in the middle of your dress near the neck. 

Use it to adjust oversized clothes!

Are you ladies upset about buying oversized clothes? Well, not to worry anymore! You dont have to return your favorite dresses and outfits only because of size issues. You can always use your lovely broaches to adjust your oversized clothes. This way youll not have to worry about the size and your brooches will handle it all.