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Chains to cases, some trendy phone accessories to check out

by Rajnish Rathi on August 16, 2021

Hello to the 90’s kids!! There are fashion trends that Gen Z tends to steal from the 90s era because c’mon there is nothing more charming than old-school fashion, right? While we talk about fashion and the 90s element, how about we give our cell phones a makeover with these quirky tech accessories inspired by the 90s era? Have a look at the accessories listed below to give your phone a brand new do-over. 

Chain charms 

Remember back when we were kids we had those flip phones alongside those trippy beaded chains? Well, if you don’t, not to worry, because the chain trends have come back running. There are several online stores that tend to offer you a great range of pretty beaded chain strings just to adorn your pretty phones and make them look all gorgeous and attractive. 

Initial stickers 

Have you ever thought of giving your cell phones a permanent patent of your name? Well, if not then let us tell you that in the list of quirky accessories cute little alphabet stickers are also quite in trend. You can choose the right color according to your combination and get the initials of your name attached to the back of your phone. This way you’ll give a quick and cute do-over to your phone and it’ll also be easier to spot it the next time it gets misplaced. 

Wallet cases 

There are times when people find it hassling to carry two or three accessories in their hands, so while we speak of quirky phone accessories, let us tell you that you can flaunt a quirky phone case and use it as a wallet too. In the ear of advancements, there are some cool phone cases that tend to have a minimal pocket thing on the front. This way you get to store your money and your important ID cards. And guess what you can avoid carrying a handbag and walk free like a bird.