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Cocktail Outfits ideas for men

by Rajnish Rathi on July 22, 2021

Many times guys have a hard time figuring out what to wear and what not to wear especially for the cocktail night. Don't take too much stress about it as you have many outfits which you can wear for such a function and we got your back. Here are some of the best outfits ideas for guys.

The western look

This look depends on the scale of the function as it won’t work for a small function. In case of a huge function, we encourage you to wear something luxurious which can be your brightest or most popping suit. We will also consider tuxedos in this look as they can work for cocktail functions.

The Indian look

One thing about this look is that it will definitely be the comfortable look as you will be wearing kurta pajamas and who isn’t comfortable in that. If you think that wearing a suit will be too much work or too much then you can go for this look. It is a look that will never look out of place especially in such a function. 

The hip look

This is perhaps the look that is most favorable for cocktail functions as it is semi-formal. In this look, it is up to you to style yourself as you can wear many combinations. This look is also on the comfortable side as you're wearing a t-shirt and a blazer on top of it. The fun part is that you can wear any matching trousers with them as you're not going for a formal function.

The funky look 

It is the look where you can go all out. Don't be shy to pick up something flamboyant and printed as you're there to be the life of the party. Since you can't use this look in any other function this is the perfect function for this funky look where you can wear a printed shirt and sneakers that go with it.