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Count on Cargo Pants: A few ways to style them!

by Rajnish Rathi on July 09, 2021


Fashion is all bout reliving past trends and creating new aspects out of those, so here we have Cargo pants and a few different ways to style them. 

With crop tops

Well, now there are certain fashion statements that do not go off the track no matter how many transitions the fashion industry might go through. And cargo pants are one of the ever-lasting fashion elements, and now speaking of a few ways to style those, then the first tip would be to style them crop tops or crop tees. Since cargo pants are quite loose and flimsy, so you need something to balance that level of breezy. And crop tops have the ability to do that, so you can either opt for a basic or even a printed crop top to style your cargo look. 

With biker jackets maybe?!

Leather jackets or even denim jackets might give you all the dapper look that you’ve been looking for in case of styling tips for cargo pants. Wearing a biker jacket over a basic t-shirt with your cargo pants will make you a walking example of great street style. Cargo pants are all about comfort and a breezy look, so if you don’t wish to literally wear the jacket you can always rest it up on your shoulders and look all chic and sassy walking down the street. 

With Long boots 

Are you going on a trek anytime soon? If yes then we would suggest you to pack your cargo pants along with a pair of long boots to stay all comfortable yet stylish while your trekking trip is on. This way you get to know that cargo pants do not just qualify for your summer wardrobe, but also for your winter ensembles, so get going with a classic sporty vibe. 

With buttoned shirts too!

Well, who says cargo pants are just confined to casual wear? You can definitely wear them to a professional setting with a checkered or even a basic plain shirt that qualifies for office wear. So, there you go Cargo pants are a perfect fit for all situations.