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Counting on a few ways to style your kimonos

by Rajnish Rathi on September 03, 2021


Fashion is always about creating new styles and exploring new areas of the same, and as for this article, we have different ways you ladies can style your kimonos in the best ways possible. 

The casual way 

Kimonos are known to be boho chic kind of style elements to add to your wardrobes, and while we discuss a few ways to style them then the fires would be to opt for the casual way. You can choose a classy and basic pair of shorts and a basic shirt along with a floral kimono just add onto a little bit of sass. Kimonos and their flowy look tend to have the ability to give your entire look an extra chic vibe so you can try it out with a casual look without any second thoughts. 

Layer it with a dress 

Since we began with a casual and basic option now is the time to take a shift towards the party vibe.  If you have been planning on going to a lit night out with friends then you can try and pair your kimono with a body con dress. If your kimono consists of a lot of colors then you should definitely opt for a neutral tone dress just so that your kimonos can steal the show once worn above that. 

With your beachwear 

Well, kimonos fit perfectly with any style and just because of this fact you ladies can also think of pairing your kimonos with your beachwear outfits. From bikini sets to swimsuits, your kimonos can be styled with each of them. So, you don’t have to worry about having an extra layer to cover your bikini body as kimonos got your backs. 

With denim 

Well, just like we suggested you pair it with your shorts, likewise you can try to layer your kimonos with your denim jeans. You can wear a cropped top, strappy top, or even a tube top with a high-waisted pair of jeans and layer it up with a sassy-looking kimono, what say? Sounds cool huh?