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Different handbag styles to follow

by Rajnish Rathi on July 31, 2021


Fashion is not just about clothing, but much more than that, it is also about the craze for handbags and different styles in the same. So, have a look at these handbags styles that you ladies and even the guys carry with ultimate poise and sass. 

Time to go big: tote bags 

Well, speaking of a few bag styles that you ladies can carry with utmost sass then the first one here that deserves a mention has to be ‘Tote bags’. Tote bags are like the one-stop solution to your storage problems. From your laptops, your mini accessories to even your paperwork it fits it all. The entire focus of tote bags revolves around giving you a style statement and most of helping out with storing your stuff. 

Fun with ‘fanny packs’ 

This one’s a new trend that probably all the boys and all the girls can follow and look super cool and chic while at it. Speaking of fanny packs, well they might not have the potential to fit in a lot of stuff, but they’re definitely your 101 guides into street style. The best part is that you can tie it up anywhere according to your comfort. From your waist to your shoulder, it is suitable for everything and sure it has the space to carry your tint essentials. 

Chase the ‘clutch’ 

Well, this sure isn’t a carry-all, but it is a fun and sexy element for traditional and formal events. At times when one is to attend a wedding or a business gala then you’re not in a mood to carry big bags or something heavy. So, that’s when clutches step in! You can just grab it in your hands and it is a great accessory to compliment your look, and ladies it can make space for your cell phone and your mini compact kit, so what say are we team clutches yet?!

Minding the ‘mini totes’ 

Just as we mentioned above about the big tote bags, likewise we’re here for some classic and sexy-looking mini tote bags. Mini totes sure can’t handle extra storage, but it can handle you minimal belongings, and most importantly it complements your looks like no other bag can.