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Different styles of sleeves to spy on!

by Rajnish Rathi on July 21, 2021


Discussing the latest fashion trends and outfits are too mainstream, right? So, here we have something different than what you could expect, have a look at the different types of sleeves and the elegance that they tend to bring into the world of statement-worthy styles. 

Puffed sleeves

Well, of course, the first one had to be puffed because the only summer trend which is being followed since is the one for puffed sleeves. Speaking of some sensational sleeve styles, puffy sleeves sure top the list because they have the ability to make any outfit look like couture. Puffed sleeves like shorts and gathered detail on the bicep, and they go white well with traditional attires like sarees and suits and of course with t-shirts, dresses, and even some flowing tops. All in all, puffy sleeves are like the ultimate summer goals. 

Bell sleeves 

Well, coming on to bell sleeves, let us first ask you that are you fond of breezy and flowy summer outfits? Well, if you are then bell sleeves should definitely be your go-to summer choice. These sleeves are straight and flowy from the end with no such seam. They do come in almost all sizes and lengths, and most of all they make your outfit look super breezy and extremely flowy. Well, it looks like bell-bottoms have got some serious competition in the form of these statement-worthy bell sleeves. 

Bishop sleeves  

You can look at these sleeves as an addition to puffed sleeves, but the only difference is that theyre way longer and than the puffed ones. Do you happen to remember the old bishop-style fashion wearables black in the time of period drama? Well, if you do then you would know how classy do these sleeves look on your pretty blouses and even your dresses. Bishop sleeves tend to check all boxes of contemporary fashion statements. All in all, these full-length and cuffed at the wrist sleeves are all about adding sass to your fashion statements. 

Cape Sleeves 

Well, we feel that cape sleeves are quite underrated, right? And just to be specific these sleeves save the corporate sector more than the casual one. This is because the grace and elegance that it brings into the look is what makes it a perfect fit for professional attires. Especially when styled with blazers or even work profile dresses.