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Fashion just got moody: Outfits according to your moods

by Rajnish Rathi on August 10, 2021


Fashion is not just about changing trends and new styles, instead one should also follow fashion according to your moods. So, listed below are a few outfit ideas that you should follow according to your mood. 

Lousy and tired: Go baggy 

While we discuss a few outfits according to your moods, then the first one would be the lousy and tired one. So, if you’re feeling a little tired and lethargic then you should go baggy with your wardrobe choice. You can pick some loose track pants or joggers for that matter and pair them up with a flimsy shirt with some ‘nap time’ kinda slogan on the same. You can also tie the t-shirt like a knot from below just to give a fashionable essence. 

Sassy and sexy: Go hotshot 

If you’ve been feeling all sexy and sassy someday then we would suggest you go all hotshot with your wardrobe choices. You can either opt for a sexy slip dress or some and halter tip with your high waist shorts. This way you’ll be feeling all sexy and chic within yourself. So, what if you don’t have anywhere to go? You can still dress up for yourself and do justice to your mood. 


Feeling energetic is a different type of vibe and you should show the world that you’re ready for anything that comes in front of you. The key point for this look is vibrant colors all the way. The vibrant colors will reflect positivity and we all can need that in our lives. Go for vibrant sneakers and colors that scream bright. Neon is the color for you, go for neon tracksuits or t-shirts.

Feeling quirky

A quirky look is the most happening look in parties right now and whenever you’re feeling funky or quirky we encourage you to go wild. Bring out those printed shirts and rugged jeans which show off your quirky personality. This look will definitely make you stand out from the pack.