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Fashion with Fanny packs: A few ways to style fanny packs !

by Rajnish Rathi on June 26, 2021

Fashion trends are always changing, but style statements are like candid inventions. Speaking of candid inventions, have you ever thought of styling your fanny packs? Well, if not then we have the perfect way to style those fanny packs in different ways, have a look!!

The basic touch: with your jeans 

What is possibly the easiest and yet coolest way to style your fanny packs? Well, obviously the answer is “with your jeans”. This is possibly the most basic hack, you can probably just wear a casual tee, half tucked in your ripped or normal fit jeans, along with your fanny pack tied around your waist just like a belt. So, there you and easy peasy hack to style your fanny pack. 

Professional blaze: over your blazers

Are you the kind of person who wishes to keep their work accessories minimal? Well, then you can always think of dissing your usual tote bags and just carry a classic fanny pack tied up over your buttoned blazer just like a classic belt. This way you’ll look all professional yet cool, and you will also get rid of the burden of carrying a big tote bag. 

The hippy way: diagonally 

If you’re not in a mood to dress up that much then you can always go casual with your ensembles, what say? Speaking of casuals, you can think of styling a loose T-shirt, with bell bottoms and a fanny pack tied up diagonally from over your shoulders. This way you’ll look casual and feel all comfortable. 

Winter surprise: Over your trench coats!

Well, who says fanny packs cannot be worn during winters? You can always style your chic long trench coats or even long professional warm coats with a fanny pack over your coat. Diss your usual coat belts and make these fanny packs into a perfect belt plus storage bag. This way you’ll be all covered up from the winter breeze yet look classy with that tied-up look!