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Hand it over with Luxury: 5 Brands, surviving the test of time

by Rajnish Rathi on June 28, 2021


How about listing a few timeless pieces of handbags? have a look at the most popular brands and their handbag collection to die for. 

Christian Dior: Artistically bound 

Speaking of some of the artsiest brands in terms of handbags, well, then Christian Dior and their handbag collection can definitely stand the test of time. Especially Dior’s book tote bag is the best seller it gives you a perfect look for your attires, be it casual or even professional. The artistic look by which the bag has been created is like the actual show stopper for the brand. 

Balmain: signature vintage 

Speaking of luxury, and timeless handbags, well then I suppose that, Balmain's signature patterned 1945 bags will be the perfect fit for your handbag collection. The reason why Balmain’s collection has the potential to survive the test of time is that the old school aura of the designs will give you all the luxurious aura and all the vintage that you’ve been looking for. 

Hermès: Luxury on top

Well, now Hermès here does not need any introduction I suppose, because the Birkin, is one of the most popular handbags from the collection of this splendid brand. And if you’re looking for a timeless piece, well then there is nothing better than a Birkins bag than spending your money on. Let your pocket loose, and grab this efficiently carved out the epitome of luxury. 

Fendi: Found the match!! 

Well, perfection is not easy to spot, but when you have brands like Fendi on or “buy-list” well, then you are all loaded with all the luxury you’re looking for. The basic collection of Fendi’s signature collection will always, ALWAYS stand the test of time as there is nothing better than a classic collection of Baguettes. 

Louis Vuitton: Finally!!

Well, well, WELL, so here we go with our last but not the least choice of luxury. Speaking of Louis, Vuitton I don’t really think that there is anything better than this brand that can stand the test of time, what say? Especially the LV #OnTheGo monogram bag is one of the most popular luxurious options for a timeless handbag.