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Hyping it up with heels

by Rajnish Rathi on August 26, 2021


While you think of the perfect outfit then what is the first thing you wish to pay attention to? Well, we think that as for ladies heels should probably be any woman’s firsts option, right? So, listed below are a few heels that every woman should own. 


While we tend to discuss some of the ‘must have’ heels in every woman’s shoe closet then the first would be ‘pumps’. Simply known as high heels, these heels usually vary from a height of 2 to 3 inches, neither does it seem too high and nor does it seem too low. Pumps are a perfect choice of low-cut heels for your corporate events as well as your party-themed outfits. 

Kitten heels 

Well, even though all the ladies do love a good pair of heels, but there are times when ladies prefer comfort over sassy heels. And while we say comfort then kitten heels are exactly what you have been looking for. Kitten heels cater to the ones who require a shorter length for the heels, so they are a great choice for parties where you do not require the extra amount of height. It offers you a minimal heel length and maximum comfort. 

Ankle strap heels 

This is one type that seems too much in style nowadays, and the popularity of these heels would definitely be credited to the straps. Ankle strap heels might vary in length, but the one common factor that holds the sass together is that ankle strap. These heels seem like a great choice to wear along with your mini and midi dresses, more so the strap makes it easier and more comfortable to walk around. 

Block heels 

Another staple that tops the list of comfort- block heels. The heel length in the same can vary, but not to worry about the comfort because the block-shaped heels make them comfortable to walk around without stressing your feet. And more so, these heels contribute to a bold and sexy look no matter what outfit you wear. 


This is one of the most common choices of heels that exists in every woman’s closet, and this is because of the fact that no matter how to cause you may dress up, once you pair your look with a sexy-looking stiletto then you’re all done for the day. The height of the heel sure can reach up to that of 8 inches, yes this sure is too high but that’s the kick, right?