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Let pastels be the new edition to your palettes

by Rajnish Rathi on August 06, 2021


The trend this summer so far has been pastel colors. Earlier people associated pastel colors with girls but that is not the case anymore. Pastel colors are a unisex trend which is for everyone and it covers many colors, here are our favorite ones. 

Poised Peach 

There is nothing like wearing something peachy on a hot summer day as it just looks like a color that is made for the summers. One can just carry a peach t-shirt in the summers and that person will have the perfect casual wear. You don’t need to overdo anything in the summers and this color has your back. 

Lovely Lilac 

Lilac or lavender is the most trendy color this summer as everyone is just looking for that perfect lilac wear. We are sure that in this season many people have brought this pastel color due to the fact that it simply goes with everything. It is a unique pastel color and it will give you a unique look. Girls have adopted this color for a long time now but guys should not stay far behind when it comes to buying this color. 

Bright yellow 

Bright yellow is an evergreen color that is bright and it gives positive vibes to people around you. It is a color that will make you look glowing and you will shine wearing this color. Girls can use this color in casual dresses which will be great for lunch scenes and guys can use this color in kurtas which will be appropriate for any function.

Perfect Pink 

Pink is a color that will never go out of style as it is essential to have something pink in your closet. It is a color that is traditionally associated with females but that isn’t the case anymore as guys are pulling it off just as well as the girls.