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Men’s essentials for a beach day!!

by Rajnish Rathi on June 30, 2021


We know what youre craving in the summers, a day out where youre laying on the beach. It is something that is extremely relaxing and something that were all thinking about right now. However, when you do decide to hit the beach we want you to be prepared by giving you some essentials for a beach day 


This may be the most important thing for a beach day as you dont wanna look bland on a beach. Plain shirts or formals just dont go on the beach, when if its not your style just give the floral shirts a try. They are very tropical and you will look right at home on the beach. Dont be a boring person who wears regular colors on the beach, be different and we swear you will stand out. It is recommended that you wear a half sleeves floral shirt. 


Wearing jeans or trousers on a beach is a big no-no. Being on a beach is all about comfort and relaxing, its a place where you dont need to be uncomfortable as that would defeat the point of the beach. Wear your comfy shorts or boxers whichever is the most comfortable and try to find some funky stuff as that should be the theme on the beach. Go for things that you wont normally go for, something that is bright or printed is the way to go. 


This is essential for all the people who are looking forward to dipping their toes in the water or straight up going in the water. If you decide to wear any kind of shoes and you decide to go in the water, that will put you in a dilemma as it will be difficult to put on your shoes when your feet are wet and covered in sand. Play it smart, don't wear something that youll regret on the beach. The thing with sliders is that theyre extremely comfortable and are an ideal match for your whole attire for the beach.