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Monsoon fashion guide: Tips to follow!

by Rajnish Rathi on July 13, 2021


The Vibrant season is knocking on our doorsteps with those heavy droplets of rain, but hold on! before getting too carried away in your excitement you need to first follow a few monsoon-style trips in order to avoid any backlashes during the rainy season. 

The fabric matters 

The fabric matters Speaking of the monsoon essential tips to keep in mind in terms of fashion well then the first one would definitely be keeping the most suitable fabric in mind. Just to simplify, what we mean is to indicate is that there are is a high probability that you step out of the house and it starts pouring cats and dogs and in that situation, you’re quite helpless, right? So, it is better to choose a breezy and flowy fabric that might dry out soon and prevent the risk of you being drenched for a long time. Make sure to avoid sticky fabrics like denim or silk as they might take a longer time to dry out. 

The right footwear 

This is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind because c’mon you don’t wanna slip and break your toe or foot just because of the wrong choice of footwear. Well, for starters especially for the girls who are thinking of pulling off heels and other heavy stilettos in the rains, we must say that you can’t! No offense, but no matter how pretty the thought of rains might look, but trust me you don’t want to spoil your pretty pair of shoes running in that heavy rain. So, instead, just go on the safer side and prefer wearing rubber slippers, crocs, or some color and vibrant flip flops that might go with your entire look. 

Choose the umbrella wisely 

Might sound funny, but this is actually a trending fashion statement nowadays. Rains and carrying those quirky umbrellas is all about embracing the kid inside of you. So, you should probably think of combining your outfit and your umbrella by keeping the vibe common. Carry a vibrant chic umbrella that goes with your outfit and makes you look all classy and covered up both at the same time. 

Totes always on the shoulder 

Well, if you’re planning on not carrying your bags during the rainy season then let us break it to you that this most likely not the right decision to make. carrying your tote bag in the rainy season is one of the most important style tips that you need to follow this monsoon season. Choose a spacious bag just so that you can carry your emergency outfit just in case, your skincare, and even your umbrella in that one carry bag.