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Pull up your Socks right!

by Rajnish Rathi on September 11, 2021
What is fashion? Fashion is all about having confidence in yourself and your choice of couture. It is a term with an ever-changing definition. An outfit that is in vogue today might not be as popular amongst the customers tomorrow. Replacing and reinventing designs with enthusiasm is what stays in this industry. Then, why must one shy away from experimenting with a new way to look awesome?


High socks back in trend




High socks are the most commonly used socks amongst men and women. As men continue to add them in their daily office wear, women remain a bit sceptic about adding high socks to their routine look. But with high socks dominating the trend, one has to say goodbye to the ankle socks. High socks are not only comfortable to wear but also compliment the rough-and-tough look on a person. Wearing high socks and sneakers with casual jeans and a tee-shirt gives the best and most recommended street style.  


Date tonight? Give these socks a chance.




Transparent socks adorned either with a weaved design or a little glitter are nothing less than just glamorous! They are the perfect substitute for skin-coloured socks. Very durable, these socks can easily fit with your favourite belly or heels. If you soon have a special date to attend then add these socks to your outfit to gain a different look.   


Combine socks with heels




If you are daring enough to explore your boundaries and discover your limits, then this is the must-try advice for you. Select a different range of high-sock styles with your casual heels and experience the wonderful change in your dress up. You can combine the socks with heels look while going out in a below knee-length skirt. It will give you a suitable formal look to an extent that even your peers would like to copy you. 


Try these methods of wearing socks rightly. And don’t forget to carry a bunch of confidence within you!