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“Reel” Divas and their fashion statements to get inspired by

by Rajnish Rathi on July 14, 2021


There are celebrities that you go gaga over to take inspiration from, but girls today we have something different for you. Let us have a look at a few lead reel actresses from different fictional shows that you can take fashion inspiration from. 

Blair Waldorf: Gossip girl 

Speaking of some of the most fashionable leading ladies in fictional shows, well then the article definitely had to begin with the mention of the iconic Blair Waldorf from Gossip girl, right? Blair is like the goddess of fashion and while speak of taking inspiration, well then there is nothing in specific that you can grab, instead you should grab ALL of her fashion instincts. There is nothing like spending “too much” money for her. From her luxury handbag collection, her long-length coats, and of course her Richie rich trips to Paris. This upper east side girl is all about fashion, so you might wanna binge watch Gossip Girl in order to catch up on Blair’s lookbook. xoxo, Gossip girl!

Fallon Carrington: Dynasty 

Well, since we’re all about Richie rich fashion divas from leading fictional shows then Fallon Carrington from the ongoing show, Dynasty should definitely be on your hit list in terms of fashion. Speaking of taking inspiration, well then Fallon is all about her sexy blazer ensembles. If you’re looking for professional goals then Fallon Carrington is the one-stop solution to all your work fashion troubles. The way she styles her co-ord pantsuits and the way she carries luxury in the form of a professional essence is worth gushing over. 

Moira: Schitt’s Creek

Here we have another example of timeless fashion, Moira from Schitt’s Creek. Well, Moira and her charm lie in her petty fashion troubles and her daily changing ensembles. If something that you need to grab from her style statements then it definitely has to be her wig collection. Who says wigs are outdated? Well, because if you believe that,  then you might wanna catch up on Schitt’s Creek just to spot Moira adorning those sexy wigs with utmost ease and poise. 

Sutton Brady: The bold type 

Lastly, here we have the stylist herself from the bold type, Sutton Brady. Sutton is a messy yet ambitious lady who is all set to get her fashion dreams to come true. Her confidence and her ability to never give up on fashion are what make her an outstanding fit for being taken inspiration from. Her zeal to initiate changes in the existing field of fashion is what makes her one in a million.