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Retro to modern: Four elements of fashion find their way back!

by Rajnish Rathi on July 07, 2021


Fashion is an ever-evolving element and we all know that, right? So, speaking of evolution and change there are certain trends that may have found their places in back in our fashion closets. So, here we have 4 elements that came back in trend from the ancient retro era. 

Beginning with Bell Bottoms!

Speaking of some of the elements finding their way back into the fashion industry from the previous eras then the first one that needs to be taken into account will definitely be Bell bottoms. Well, now cmon Im sure that each and every woman out there does have a pair of bell-bottom denim or any staff in their wardrobe. And this is definitely because of the class and sass these pair of lowers bring into your ensembles, which is why they found their way back into the trend-setting fashion styles. 

Course of Corsets 

Well, now Im sure that all you ladies must love the fitting and the style quotient that corsets bring along. And especially while we aim at listing a few women's clothing elements that found their way back into the style streak then corsets are worthy of a mention, right? There are several trends to style these, especially in the current scenario. From wearing them solo, over a shirt, over a dress to styling them with other fashionable ensembles the course of corsets has taken a huge turn. 

Puffy sleeves

This is also surely one of the most ancient yet modern elements of retro fashion that we are welcoming back from the retro era. Puffy sleeves, just like corsets have taken a huge turn because now, theyre not just confined to gowns and ladies homeward just like earlier, they are now being widely accepted and styled with printed shirts, bodycon dresses, basic tees and one can even spot them separately. 

Count on corduroy!

Lastly, let us mention the fabric of corduroy which was known to be incredibly popular in the era of the 70s. But even this soft winter found its way back into our fashion closets in the form of dresses, jackets, oversized shirts, and even different styles of pants.