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Sassy cover-ups for your beachwear outfits

by Rajnish Rathi on September 02, 2021


When we say summer then the first element that pops into our heads is definite the bikini sets or swimsuits, right girls? But there are times when you feel like carrying an extra layer to cover up your bikini sets before and after you are done with your pool fun or your beach time. Listed below are a few options that you can choose to wear over a bathing suit whisk on a vacation. 

Oversized shirt 

This one is an easily available one because Im sure tasty all the ladies out there have one or two oversized shirts just to roam around in comfy attire. Well, now is the time to put that shirt to actual use, if you have been exploring options to layer up bathing suits then you should definitely opt for and an oversized shirt. And if you are worried about your sassy look and fashion then you always have the option to keep your shirts half-buttoned instead of full just so that you can get a little peep of that swimsuit at all times. 


While discussing possible options to wear over your bathing suits then the next one in line is caftans. Just like any other flimsy choice of layering caftans will help you keep yourself covered and give you a chic vibe at the same time. These are the ultimate beach wear and trust me you can spend your entire day in caftans because thats how comfortable they are. 


Well, now this is one of the most versatile beach cover-up options. Sarongs are seldom used as a knot style skirt with a major slip showing off. You can wrap it around your waist and tie it like a skirt or else you can also wrap it around your chest and make it look like a sexy dress. So, it's time to get your hands on this soft fabric in order to make a perfect sarong for your next beach vacay. 


These are probably the easiest covering options because kimonos are like a cardigan to give you a certain sense of protection and satisfaction for being covered. And at the same time, the front open and flimsy look is what makes it a cool option to add to your list of beachwear essentials.