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Sassy sleeves: Sleeve styles to follow

by Rajnish Rathi on August 24, 2021


Outfit trends keep on changing, and while we speak of changing trends then how about discussing the different kinds of sleeves trending nowadays? Listed below are four sleeve styles current in trend. 

Puffy sleeves 

Fashion is all bout change and transitions, and while we discuss the different sleep styles in trend as of now then the first one would be puffy sleeves. These sleeves are quite the trending element in all the outfits. And this is because of the fact that these sleeves look quite sassy and chic when worn with any form of lowers from jeans, skirts to even shorts. 

Balloon sleeves

No, ladies, they are not similar to puffy sleeves, because balloon sleeves offer you full coverage, unlike puffy sleeves. These sleeves look absolutely stunning in the form of your floral blouses when paired with a basic pair of pants or bell bottoms. Ballon sleeves are always the perfect choice to wear on your celebratory events or even on your professional events. It works as an all-rounder fashion statement. 

Cape sleeves 

This sure isn’t a new style, but it’ll always give you refreshed look whenever you adorn these sleeves. Cape sleeves are a sheer extension to the rest of your sleeves. These sleeves are especially suitable for blazers and dresses and this is what checks the professional box for all the ladies out there. 

Slit sleeves 

slip sleeves are more like open sleeves, they are 3/4th long in terms of the length and it gives quite a casual yet sassy look to your entire ensemble. They’re quite flimsy from the upper end cuffed down at the lower end. The best part about these sleeves is that it tends to complement your entire look no matter what you wear.