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Shout out to Styles: Harry Styles breaking all stereotypes

by Rajnish Rathi on July 10, 2021


There are several fashion trends and statements that we all wish to follow and stalk on a daily basis, but when the essence of breaking all stereotypes of gender is infused with fashion then one witness a whole new direction of wearables. Let us have a look at three of Harry Styless fashion statements that break all the stereotypes of gendered fashion. Suspenders are still on!

Suspenders are still on!

Who says suspenders are not in fashion anymore? Because if you think that then we have Harry Styles to change that thought of yours. Styles is one person who loves his suspenders and he has the ability to make them look like fashion anytime and anywhere. And one cam witness this especially when this shiny star styled his baggy black pants along with these suspenders holding his lower up. So, yes harry Styles is your go-to person to take suspenders tips from. 

Man with the Jewellery  

Well, this might sound a little weird to many of you at first, but since Harry Styles is all about breaking all the stereotypes and you might know that by now due to his red carpet appearances. Likewise, this heartthrob was spotted adorning a perfect piece of dangler pearl earning in his ear, because cmon wearing those masculine studs ate like too old fashion, right? Harry Styles clearly dissed the old traditions of wearing a stud and opted for that pearly affair in one of his ears. 

Florals are not just for females!

Harry Styles loves to throw the typical orthodox mindset off the stage and opt for an equal balances approach towards genders especially when to comes to fashion. Speaking of typical orthodox thoughts, well then who says that florals are just for feminine characters? Because Harry styles is seen looking all dapper and sexy in his floral tux sets while performing on stage or even while appearing in public.