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Some of the most elite sneakers today

by Rajnish Rathi on August 19, 2021


When you talk about fashion nowadays you cant start that conversation without mentioning elite kicks as they just pop up your look and are something that goes with everything. We see people wearing them under formal, casual, or professional wear. Here are some of the most wanted sneakers today. 

Nike jordans 

It is possible that the craze of sneakers started with Nike jordans. People who dont know anything about sneakers know for a fact what jordans are. Sneakerheads are always on the lookout for new pairs of jordans as they know they will be selling out fast. It is a simple shoe that just does everything right. 

Adidas Yeezy 

Yeezys are relatively new to the sneakers market but boy has they made a huge impact. It is designed by Kanye West and Yeezys are the most luxurious kicks in the market today. It is extremely hard to grab a pair of yeezys as they are all constantly out of stock or reselling at a crazy price. If you get a chance to grab them were sure that people will notice when you walk. 

Nike air force 1 

Air force 1 is the number one shoe for day-to-day wear as they are extremely comfortable to wear and go with just about everything. As expected with Nike, these sneakers come in many different colors which will force you to take notice and buy as many as possible and once you start wearing these will become your daily shoes. 

Adidas nmd 

If youre someone who cant afford yeezys dont worry Adidas has got your back with the nmd collection. This collection is also one that will give you the luxury look and they come in many designs which are unique in their own way. People will take notice when you have a pair of nmds especially sneakerheads and they dont give the sporty vibe.