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Styling tips for your ripped jeans: 5 Chic tips

by Rajnish Rathi on July 01, 2021


I guess gone are the times when people used to wear straight jeans, right? Because the advent of hippy ripped jeans is taking away all the thunder. So, here we have a few ways in which you can style your ripped jeans. 

A classic blazer look

Who says you cannot look and classy in your ripped jeans? Of course, you can! You can always try and spice up your ripped jeans by pairing a blazer on top of it. If youre willing to infuse a bit of formality in your entire look, well then pairing your ripped jeans with a classic blazer matching the combination will your look a great appeal and youll look dapper in that outfit. 

Cute tubes 

Speaking of styling your ribbed jeans and making sure that you look your best, well then you can always make use of your basic tube tops worn with your classy ripped denim. What say? This way your look is like an all-rounder, this ensemble will you a going for lunch with BFFs” as well as clubbing tonight” kinda vibes. So, yea you sure should give this look a try ladies. 

Basic babe!!

Well, there are people who always wish to keep their looks as basic as possible because that is their fashion forte. So, speaking of basic, how about styling a normal basic chic t-shirt along with your ripped jeans and looking like a bombshell while walking down the street? So, get ready to spin your head boys as the ladies are all set to woo you with their ripped outfits. 

Printed blouse tucked in

Are you fond of florals and other printed looks? Well, if you are then it's time to style your ripped jeans with your printed blouses tucked in your ripped jeans. This way youll look all sophisticated yet hippy, and the catch in here is that this look gives you all the breezy vibe you are looking for. 

High heels!

Well, now heels have the power to make any look dashing and classy, so while were speaking of ripped jeans and styling well then you may wear anything over your ripped jeans, like literally ANYTHING, and just style it with a pair of high heels. And there you have the perfect classy look wanted.