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Summer hacks 101: 4 tips for your summer outfits!

by Rajnish Rathi on July 02, 2021


Yea, summertime is definitely vacation time, but what about the heat? Isnt it troubling you? Well, if it is then we have four foolproof tips for you guys to follow this summer and look your best while walking down those streets. 

Prefer pastels

Speaking of a few summer styles to follow, well then the first tip in this summer session would be to prefer light shades instead of dark ones. Prefer pastels rather than choosing some dark and bright shades for your summer outfits. And this is because of the fact that dark colors absorb more heat whereas light pastel shades are not just perfect in keeping you cool, but they will also give you a better #Summerish vibe. 

Go with the flow” 

Yea, we know body con dresses look hot n stuff, but cmon guys in this scorching heat you dont want yourself tied with some body-hugging outfits. So, it is better if you guys opt for some flowy outfits for your summer months, From flowing tops, loose tees, baggy pants, flared dresses to loose shirts everything solves your summer purpose. Just go with the flow and beat the heat with your flowy looks. 

What about Hats and aviators?!

Well, your outfits sure do protect you from the scorching heat, but having a hat or sexy sunglasses will always act as cheery on the top for your summer hues. Hats will probably help you shelter your pretty face and aviators or any other sexy sunglasses will probably just keep your eyes out of the suns contact. 

Off the shoulder outfits

Well, forget off the rack and just focus on wearing off the shoulder tops and dresses, since boys have the privilege to roam around in their summer vests then why cant you girls cut yourself some slack? Opt for sexy backless or off-the-shoulder dresses or blouses just to beat the sun and to look all hot and sexy in your off-shoulder ensembles.