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Sunnyside up!: a variety of shades to add to your collection

by Rajnish Rathi on August 25, 2021


In the summer season, the most essential accessory that we should carry is some crazy shades. However different shades suit different people as there are many different types of shades. You should always try unique styles when it comes to shades as there are many options and here are some of the best options. 


Aviators are still one of the most wanted shades in the market today. When these shades came in style they were the most sold type of shades as everyone had at least one pair of these bad boys. People can have these in many different colors as they look cool in nearly every color. You can even see your favorite celebrities wearing some aviators.


Reflectors are just so cool and comfortable, you just wanna grab a pair and put it on. These shades are known as reflectors due to the fact that they reflect the sunlight which gives you a soothing experience, plus they look super dope in the process. Reflectors in gold or silver color are a hit with every outfit. 

Oval shades 

These shades are comparatively new in the market but have taken the market by storm ever since they have dropped. The oval shape shades look different than any other shades and are the most trendy shades in the market today. Plus you can purchase oval shades in unique colors which will instantly make you stand out. 

Hexagon shades 

If you’re looking to try out something different these hexagon shades are the ones for you. These may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they just look so good. They are exactly something that you would wear in a party in which you wanna dress to impress.