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Tiny fashion elements that make a big impact on your ensembles

by Rajnish Rathi on August 12, 2021


Sometimes the first thing people notice about you is your dressing sense as it says a lot about your personality. In any party there will be people who will notice every little detail about your outfit and here are a few things that will make a big impact.


Many men believe that any outfit is incomplete without a stunning watch and we think they have a point. There is a reason why the watch market is huge and you can buy different types of watches for any price range. It is something that people immediately notice when a person is walking by and it adds to your overall appeal. People who have a knowledge or admiration for watches will especially feel your watch.


So we know that a belt is not something that you’re not aware of but you should know that it is something that can make a big impact in your favour. Whenever you’re wearing a plain or formal outfit, the only thing that will make the most impact is a shiny belt. If you’re someone who spends a lot on belts we assure you that your investment is of good use.


Let's shift to the time when we look our best and wear our best suits. That look will forever be iconic and there are a few tiny details that can add to your suit. One of these tiny details are customised cufflinks for your suit as cufflinks add a certain bling or class to your suit.

Pocket square

In the last point we mentioned a few tiny details that make a big impact on your suit and the thing that completes your look is a matching pocket square. Your suit just looks incomplete without a perfectly folded pocket square, it is something which is necessary.