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Tiny fashion elements that make a huge impact: mens edition

by Rajnish Rathi on August 28, 2021


Sometimes your look may be flashy but it may miss the tiny details that will make it truly standout. You can’t imagine how these tiny things impact your outfit and the way that people react to your look. Girls may have a lot of options for such stuff but that doesn’t mean guys don’t have these tiny things that make the outfit a classic.

Diamond studs

We have all heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but that doesn’t mean that they’re not adored by guys. When you see a guy from the side and he’s wearing diamond studs you know he’s doing something right. These studs give the man an image and personality as when they suit you they really suit you.


You can’t expect the appreciation of cufflinks from boys as they don’t understand the worth of this tiny thing in your outfit. It is something that you will appreciate when you grow old and develop a fashion sense. Cufflinks can make you seriously stand out and the talk of the town, try getting a fancy pair and you will see the difference.


Brooches are something that works the most when you wanna shine the most due to the fact that they signify a royal look and can make any outfit into a fancy one. These brooches come in many different designs which you can choose from according to your taste and it will do the trick.

Pocket square

It has been said many times that any suit is incomplete without a pocket square and it cannot be any more true. Pocket square is just a part of the suit and it gives an entire different vibe to the outfit. A good pocket square has the ability to enhance your outfit and what else do you want.