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Slip-on footwear for all

by Rajnish Rathi on September 29, 2021

Somehow, we have all been mute victims of the global pandemic that has changed our way of living. With the emergence of such a major change in everyone's lifestyle pattern, adapting to the work-from-home schedule has become a new normal. As comfort became our prime most priority, we have switched towards casual wear and easy-to-wear footwear. Here are the perfect types of slip-on footwear for the post-pandemic world:



Clogs are the new favourite for a classy loungewear look! The metallic and studded clogs with H-straps are the most preferable to be worn with T-shirt dresses. It also looks like a part of a new trend when worn with boho gowns or flared joggers. 


Slip-on Wedges 


Slip-on wedges and heels are the perfect must-have footwear for a get going mood! They will suffice your multi-purpose needs by acting like formal as well as activewear. They come in a variety of ranges and designs adorned with beautiful animal or flower prints in different colours. Slip your feet in these easy-to-wear wedges to gain a magical upliftment in your mental health.  


Barbados Flat 


When you are exhausted with unwanted pressure arisen from work-from-home and feel like going out to grab an ice cream, then slip these cute flats on! Barbados flats do not let you ponder what footwear to wear after a long day. These flats rather stay right there before your eyes as the escape from letting your brain indulge in an unnecessary selection of footwear. Whether it is a traditional ceremony or coffeehouse work meeting, these slides and flats will make your way through it all.