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Turning your scarves into something even more stunning

by Rajnish Rathi on August 05, 2021


Scarves sure do help you deal with a bad hair day, but theyre a lot more than just that. Scarves are multi-functional pieces of fashion that tend to give you a certain sense of style streak to flaunt your way on the street. This article explores the different ways that you can use your silk scarves as classy tops to complete your ensembles. 

The bandana style 

Well, of course, the first one had to be the bandana style because cmon ladies we know that youve been curious about how are these girls looking so stunning in those scarf tops, right? To tie a scarf in the bandana style, all you need to do is first make sure that your silk scarf is long enough to get tied. Second of all, you will have to fold your scarf in half diagonally like a triangle, place it over your chest and tie the loose ends behind your back. Make sure to tie it tough just to give yourself a comfortable fit. 

The bandeau style 

Well, who doesnt like an easy-to-wear bandeau top and made out of a scarf?! So, to make this happen all your need to do is to place your card on a flat surface, and then fold the two ophite diagonal ends into the center. After one fold each, fold it again inwards, and there you witness a long trail kind of thing. Take that folded scarf from the back and tie it in the front making sure that your breasts receive full coverage. 

The halter top 

As for a halter neck kind of top, all you need to do is to turn your scarf into a rectangular trail and place it from your back, bringing the loose ends on the front. Make sure to flip one loose end to your right shoulder and the other onto your left. And for the next step, you will have to twist those loose ends until they turn out like a string that can easily be tied. Tie the two ends together, and there you have it! Your sexy-looking halter-neck scarf top.