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Work mode on!: Women essentials for ‘professional’ ensembles

by Rajnish Rathi on July 16, 2021

Fashion is all about carrying yourself with quirk yet elegance, and speaking of elegance here we have a few tips for women to follow in terms of their professional attires. Have a look at a few wardrobe essentials for women in terms of their professional ensembles. 

A fine Blazer 

Speaking of some of the most important and essential work elements in your wardrobe then the first one would definitely be a well-maintained fine blazer. Make sure that your wardrobe consists of at least or even more variety of tailored blazers that last long. You never know when you might need a professional blazer look for one of your meetings. So, stock up on those blazers girls because you’ll definitely need them.

A Body con professional dress 

Well, we said body con, because body con dresses with a comfortable slit on the back or on the side make a perfect fit for a professional wardrobe. Imagine yourself attending a meeting in a casual flimsy dress, seems odd right? Well, that is the reason that your closets must have a dark-colored professional-looking mid-length body con dress to impress your bosses and your clients. Because c’mon, the first impression is sometimes your last impression, so don’t take any chances. 

Comfy pair of heels 

Yes, we know that you’re required to work all day long in your work premises so heels seem somewhat skeptical to wear. But you should still try and find a good and long-lasting pair of comfortable heels because this way your entire ensemble give will you a professional look from head to toe. Pairing up heels with a classy and chic work look is what literally completes your attire. 

One large tote

Okay, so, listen up ladies! This is probably one of the most essential elements in terms of your work attires, a tote bag! Make sure that you’re carrying a large tote bag, to fit in all your work essentials, from your gadgets, your skincare, extra pair of clothing (just in case), your munchies, and what not. There are several little things that women need to carry, so keeping that mind make sure to make the right choice for a tote bag.