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Do’s and Don’ts for cocktail attires: Female edition

by Rajnish Rathi on July 24, 2021


Ladies are always confused about what to wear and what not to wear especially for a cocktail night. So, here we have a list of a few dos and donts in terms of cocktail attire for women. Lets begin with a few donts followed by some dos. 


Dont wear jeans 

Speaking of a few donts in terms of cocktail attires especially for women, the first one would be not to wear jeans. This sure is an obvious one, but still, you need to take care of the fact that you girls are not thinking about wearing jeans to your upcoming cocktail parties. Because cmon jeans are like the casual fit and theyre not a fit for cocktail party because thats a formal event, so girls even if youre looking for comfort in terms of cocktail parties, you still should not wear jeans. 

Dont carry a huge bag

Well, this ones again an obvious one, but you should really read it like twice or thrice because if you ladies think that you can carry a huge tote bag on a cocktail party, then were sorry to break your bubble, but youre not right! Bags that are too big might cause a certain sense of discomfort for you. This way youll have to keep a check on that huge back of yours which clearly is a bummer. So, make sure that youre not carrying a huge nag, instead of carrying a cloth that complements your look. 


Carry a clutch 

we all know carrying your perfect cocktail dress is a hassle you have to hold the gorgeous flowly trail so it looks as gorgeous as you bought it. to make sure all the eyes are on you and not all your essentials trying to slip your hands carry a clutch. make sure the clutch matches your outfit and you can stack up on the goods you might need like your phone, your perfect shade of lipstick, perfume, and everything else you might need. this clutch will not only make dancing and not losing your things easier it will also add on the dimensions of your outfits and act as an accessory while acting as a utility 

Do accessorize 

carrying off of the last dos point, make sure you add more accessories. if your outfit is high around your collar so it draws attention to your face and your makeup, if it's deep wear a beautiful little necklace so it draws attention lower down. hair accessories are never going to hurt anyone. Accessories add to the outfit and to the whole look so when anyone looks at you they don't see one thing to focus on and they can't get enough of you. Not to mention youre gonna feel like a princess while taking all those breathtaking selfies at the location of the cocktail.